If you are looking for true corrective treatments to see improvements and changes in your skin, without surgery, than these treatments are for you.

Please note, the following treatments are advanced resurfacing treatments and/or chemical peels and require a consultation prior to treatment. A post peel kit will be provided for you to use at home with all of these treatments. These treatments are most effective when done in a series of 3 - 6 treatments done 2 - 3 weeks apart depending on your individual needs. These advanced treatments may not be for everyone. To ensure the best results your skin must be prepped with specific home care products prior to receiving a treatment and proper home care must be followed. These treatments are clinical in nature and do not include massage or relaxing facial.  

While some of these treatments are ideal for acne and acne scarring you can find more acne specific information here -> Acne Program.

Resurfacing Treatments & Peels

Level I Peel  ~ 35 minutes $135 | Level I Peel + Facial ~ 50 minutes $165
Level I peels are ideal for softening rough skin and giving your skin a radiant glow. They are also a good prep prior to any of our other resurfacing treatments. Ranging from enzymes to acids, or acid blends your Esthetician will customize the correct treatment for your skin and your skin care concerns. Ideal for those new to peels, starting a peel series, or anyone looking to improve skin tone and texture with minimal down time.
Mild to light flaking may occur.  

Level I Peel + Microdermabrasion (aka MicroPeel) ~ 45 minutes $195 | MicroPeel + Facial ~ 70 minutes $215
Level I peel plus microdermabrasion treatment. The relaxing massage of our customized facial may be added to this treatment. Please note, not all skins and not all peels may be combined with microdermabrasion. This is determined on an individual basis at the time of treatment. 

Level II Peel ~ 35 minutes $165 | Level II Peel + Facial ~ 50 minutes $190
Level II peels are ideal for those wanting to combat visual signs of aging and pigmentation. Blends of fruit enzymes, and/or acids, including but not limited to Lactic, Glycolic, Mandelic, Salicylic, or a blended peel, will be used to provide skin rejuvenation. Mild to moderate flaking may occur.

Level III Peel ~ 35 minutes $195 | Level III Peel + Facial ~ 50 minutes $215
A more intense version of  resurfacing treatment targeting hyperpigmentation, mild scarring, and fine lines. These treatments may include a Modified Jessner or TCA resurfacing treatment. Medium to moderate flaking and/or peeling is expected.

Green Power Level I ~ 45 minutes $175
This natural alternative to Microneedling (or Collagen Induction Therapy (CIT)) is perfect for smoothing out texture and acne scarring as well as lifting pigment. Ideal for uneven skin texture, lines, wrinkles, large pores and acne scars. Promotes healthy cell repair, and increases skin density and firmness. Helps to promote healthy collagen production and retention.
Due to the intensity level this treatment is not recommended for people who are sensitive.

Green Power Level II ~ 45 minutes $210
A more intense version of the Green Power Level I, this is also a natural alternative to Microneedling (or Collagen Induction Therapy (CIT). Ideal for acne scarring, smoothing texture, and pigment concerns.
Due to intensity level this treatment is not recommended for people who are sensitive.

Resurfacing Treatment & Peel FAQ's